manuscript prize

The Whitmore Press Manuscript Prize has, for the present, been put on hold. We would have loved to have continued with the prize for the seventh year straight, but other work commitments have left us little choice but to put the prize in abeyance. We hope to reignite it within a year or two. Thank you to all those who made enquiries regarding the prize for 2016.

Previous winners of the manuscript prize are Jamie King-Holden (2010), B.R. Dionysius and Jo Langdon (2011), Lucy Todd (2012), Andy Jackson (2013), Tracy Ryan and Jill Jones (2014), and Carmen Leigh Keates (2015).

The good news is that the press will continue to publish poetry, with the next scheduled publication being a collection based on Carmen’s winning 2015 entry, due to appear in November 2016.

You can order a collection by a previous winner from our titles page.

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