Third Body Cover high resMarion May Campbell, third body
Full-length collection, 103 pages, $24.95, NOW $10

Witty yet serious, ironic yet warm, these brilliant poems are partial to the rogue apostrophe, the em dash strange birds may alight on, bodies that merge across permeable boundaries – human, animal, vegetable, topographical.
– Tracy Ryan

Intelligent and erudite, complex and inventive – Marion May Campbell’s poetry sticks indelibly in your memory, ‘a demon with antennae of fire’.
– Justin Clemens 
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November Journal LOW RESDiane Fahey, November Journal
Full-length collection, 51 pages, $19.95, NOW $10

November Journal is a fine extension of Diane Fahey’s oeuvre: her jewel-like images, sparkling moments and salient surprises pack the austere tanka form with vibrant life.
– Jan Owen

These poems abound with a spirited celebration of the environment and of the artist at play. They are glimpses of the wondrous, and of the unquiet of the place, gracefully pivoting between contemplation and humour.
– Michelle Borzi
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Eddie Paterson, redactorredactor-cover-high-res
Full-length collection, 118 pages, $24.95, NOW $10

Eddie Paterson has found [poems] among all of today’s pirate diseases, frogducks and vanilla slices, all of the yahoo googles and tweeting ghosts that haunt the chattering theme park in which we spend our time.
– Jill Jones

… funny, found love-letter poems that ditch poetic chaff for spammy fragments, factoids and figures in a parody of our bureaucratic and post-digital existence.
– Toby Fitch
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meteorites-cover-low-resCarmen Leigh Keates, Meteorites
Winner, 2015 Whitmore Press Manuscript Prize
Full-length collection, 48 pages, $19.95, NOW $10

These are wise, strange and luminous poems … Carmen Leigh Keates draws a collection so full of ice and light, so distinctive, that it makes you want to follow wherever she goes.
– Michelle Dicinoski

Whether drawing on film, family history, or travel, Keates’s debut collection beautifully illustrates … how the precarious things of the world endure.
– David McCooey

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Jill Jones Breaking the Days high resJill Jones, Breaking the Days
Co-winner, 2014 Whitmore Press Manuscript Prize
Full-length collection, 57 pages, $22.95, NOW $10

Breaking the Days is a powerful book where Jill Jones ranges across time, light and language. The wonderful poems echo in the mind.
– Robert Adamson

With energy and humour, these poems are a single life against the cosmos – inhaling love, insects, streets, beauty – inventing momentary ‘coherence’.
– Bonny Cassidy

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Hoard hi res

Tracy Ryan, Hoard
Co-winner, 2014 Whitmore Press Manuscript Prize
Full-length collection, 49 pages, $22.95, NOW $10

Ryan is a poet of searching intelligence
and enduring impact

– Maria Takolander

In these spare, rich poems on Ireland’s peat bogs and hoards, Tracy Ryan meditates on place and the past, language and silence, treasure and nothingness; she renews our language for these things. Hoard is a sensuous and haunting collection.
– Lisa Gorton

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Andy Jackson cover high res

Andy Jackson, the thin bridge
Winner, 2013 Whitmore Press Manuscript Prize
Signed, original limited edition of 200 copies;
special unnumbered reprint of 50 signed copies, $19.95, SOLD OUT

Andy Jackson offers us a book of beautifully made poems – burning nerves forensically handled. They issue from a fraught compassion and self-regard, and a resistance to mechanical measures of the interior.
– Barry Hill

… these poems weave, knit and braid silence and song – words spoken and unspoken that flourish into breath, muscle and flesh, into ‘strange and beautiful bodies’ to house endurance and desire in, as well as the ‘intimate and ordinary’.
– Libby Hart

Lucy Todd cover 800pxLucy Todd, Listening to the Mopokes Go
Winner, 2012 Whitmore Press Manuscript Prize
Signed, limited edition of 150 copies, RRP $19.95, NOW $10

Lucy Todd’s debut collection reveals a richly elegiac sensibility. With spare yet arresting imagery, these finely crafted lyrics explore the spaces of memory through a haunting interplay of presence and absence.
– Cameron Lowe

Todd’s delicate, gothic retrievals are always leavened by spare, elegiac lyricism … blood and milk spill upon the tiles, and dogs and people hurl themselves against glass, door and wall – as if to force openings
to other worlds.
A. Frances Johnson

Read the speech by Cassandra Atherton launching Listening to the Mopokes Go at The Alderman in Melbourne on 16th August 2013.

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BR Dionysius front cover_HR

B.R. Dionysius, Bowra
Co-winner, 2011 Whitmore Press Manuscript Prize
Full-length collection, 55 pages, RRP $22.95,
NOW $10

Dionysius’s new collection jackknifes through landscape like an articulated vehicle, the freight of history and memory swivelling around the prime mover of language. ‘Caught between the nexus of the built and the unbuilt’, here is a pastoral vision for the twenty-first century.
– Jaya Savige

There’s an immense physicality to these poems. Dionysius pushes poetic form to the edge with language that is muscular, invigorating and compelling. His poems command attention.
– Bronwyn Lea

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Kinross Smith Cover low resGraeme Kinross-Smith, Available Light: New Poems
Full-length collection, 115 pages, RRP $24.95,
NOW $10

Available Light is experimental throughout; not only in its visual form but in its feeling for what poetry can do … It makes demands on the reader – and gives back more in return.
– Geoff Page

The shifting radiance of the world has never been so various … the lyrical vision of this volume is broad spectrum and bold. Kinross-Smith has a photographer’s eye for detail and a marvellous tenderness and wisdom in his consideration of the existential glow we pitch against
the general darkness.

– Gail Jones

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Luke Beesley cover large blueLuke Beesley, Balance
Signed, limited edition of 150 copies, RRP $19.95, NOW $10

India, perhaps more than any other place, is the poem, and Luke Beesley threads its necklace brilliantly. Balance glints with erotic, earthly delights … But the poems of tremulous music are the thing: they flow into good, empty spaces then out again into pure colour …
– Barry Hill

… beautifully etched, precise, and well wrought. Beesley has an interior gaze that transcends a typical foreigner’s eye to a foreign situation or landscape. This is a stunning collection by a young yet mature poet.
– Sudeep Sen

Read the speech by Bonny Cassidy launching Balance at Readings Carlton on 1st November 2012.

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Jo Langdon Snowline front cover LOW RESJo Langdon, Snowline
Co-winner, 2011 Whitmore Press Manuscript Prize
Signed, limited edition of 150 copies, SOLD OUT

… these short, spare, finely wrought poems work within a complex imaginative structure. They build again in the mind that strange, closed, free place: the house of childhood.
– Lisa Gorton

With wit and shimmering precision Jo Langdon’s poems connect the surreal, imagined world to what is felt. Her music is spare, wounding, hypnotic.
– Michelle Cahill

Read the speech by Maria Takolander launching Snowline at Cafe Go in Geelong on 19th May 2012.

Jamie King-Holden cover HIGH RESJamie King-Holden, Chemistry
Winner, 2010 Whitmore Press Manuscript Prize
Signed, limited edition of 150 copies, SOLD OUT

Suburbia, family and friends, childhood memories, an education – all of these things are transformed here by Jamie King-Holden’s extraordinary poetic talent.
– David McCooey

      Jamie King-Holden is a magisterial painter of the everyday. Read her beautifully assured work and suburban streets transform into weird but familiar emotional science. 
– A. Frances Johnson

Porch Music CoverCameron Lowe, Porch Music
Full-length collection, 74 pages, RRP $24.95,
NOW $10

Reading  a Cameron Lowe poem is a transporting experience – I am taken by  the unaffected rapture, Lowe’s slow, sly gaze … His is a voice
I  look out for.

– Bronwyn  Lea

…  a subtle and rewarding minimalism that is no easy thing to achieve.  The poems are imagistic but continually think on their feet … These  are some of the most quietly beautiful poems being written in  Australia.
– Philip  Salom

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David McCooey cover WEBDavid McCooey, Graphic
Signed, limited edition of 150 copies, RRP $19.95, SOLD OUT

… studies of Kubrick films and animal slaughter … forever surprising you with brilliant images and perceptions.
– Lisa Gorton

        McCooey reminds us that everything, even beauty, is the sum of little violences. I would rather read his poetry than that of anyone else
of his generation.
– Craig Sherborne

Hill coverBarry Hill, Four Lines East
Signed, limited edition of 250 copies, RRP $19.95, NOW $10

Barry Hill’s mastery is in full evidence … these poems come to us as revelations of what it means to be a religious poet … This is essential poetry.
– Paul Kane

… the sort of discipline of the spirit that makes possible the lines of the poem, their precise visualisation, their music, their handling of space as breath … It takes a lifetime of discipline to produce poems like this.
– David Malouf on As We Draw Ourselves,
Adelaide Writers’ Week, 2008

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Johnson coverA. Frances Johnson, The Pallbearer’s Garden
Signed, limited edition of 150 copies, SOLD OUT

… images and scenarios gather complexity, poem by poem. This a fierce and intimate collection.
– Lisa Gorton

      These poems make you thrilled to be alive in the twenty-first century.
– Ian Britain

Brendan Ryan front cover-Brendan Ryan, A Tight Circle
Signed, limited edition of 150 copies, SOLD OUT

… stunning insights into how we learn from our relations and reconfigure stories and experiences …
– John Kinsella

… as real, as rhythmic, as taut as a fence wire you might run through
your hand …

– Kevin Brophy

Paul Kane front cover-Paul Kane, A Slant of Light
Signed, limited edition of 200 copies, SOLD OUT

Sophisticated and rigorous, these poems move with a quiet eloquence.
– Helen Garner

… these poems enabled me to see afresh, and to hear afresh, a part of the earth I have come to love so dearly.
– Raimond Gaita

Narcissism front coverMaria Takolander, Narcissism
Signed, limited edition of 125 copies, SOLD OUT

… zesty writing, individual and unintimidated by the sharp nature of much of the material. ‘Beauty doing its job’, to quote the poet.
– Peter Rose

In Maria Takolander, poetry has found a fresh articulation and a new voice.
– Paul Kane

Throwing Stones front coverCameron Lowe, Throwing Stones at the Sun
Signed, limited edition of 125 copies, SOLD OUT

Cameron Lowe’s poems … veer between romanticism and sophistication with an ease that belies their polish.
– Gig Ryan

Like the work of John Forbes, poetry [that] glimmers with deft urban wit, which plays over a darker romantic sense of insufficiency.
– Alison Croggon