new releases

Diane Fahey, November Journal

November Journal LOW RESFull-length collection (51 pp.)

November Journal is a fine extension of Diane Fahey’s oeuvre: her jewel-like images, sparkling moments and salient surprises pack the austere tanka form with vibrant life.
– Jan Owen

These poems abound with a spirited celebration of the environment and of the artist at play. They are glimpses of the wondrous, and of the unquiet of the place, gracefully pivoting between contemplation and humour.
– Michelle Borzi


Eddie Paterson, redactor

Full-length collection (118 pp.)

Eddie Paterson has found [poems] among all of today’s pirate diseases, frogducks and vanilla slices, all of the yahoo googles and tweeting ghosts that haunt the chattering theme park in which we spend
our time.

– Jill Jones

… funny, found love-letter poems that ditch poetic chaff for spammy fragments, factoids and figures in a parody of our bureaucratic and post-digital existence.
– Toby Fitch

Meteorites by Carmen Leigh Keates
meteorites-cover-low-resFull-length collection (48 pp.) by winner of 2015 Whitmore Press Manuscript Prize.

These are wise, strange and luminous poems … Carmen Leigh Keates draws a collection so full of ice and light, so distinctive, that it makes you want to follow wherever she goes.
– Michelle Dicinoski

Whether drawing on film, family history, or travel, Keates’s debut collection beautifully illustrates … how the precarious things of the world endure.
– David McCooey


Breaking the Days by Jill Jones
Jill Jones Breaking the Days high res
Full-length collection (57 pp.) by co-winner of 2014 Whitmore Press Manuscript Prize.

Breaking the Days is a powerful book where Jill Jones ranges across time, light and language. The wonderful poems echo
in the mind.

– Robert Adamson

With energy and humour, these poems are a single life against the cosmos – inhaling love, insects, streets, beauty – inventing
momentary ‘coherence’.
– Bonny Cassidy


Hoard by Tracy Ryan
Hoard hi res
Full-length collection (49 pp.) by co-winner of 2014 Whitmore Press Manuscript Prize.

Ryan is a poet of searching intelligence and enduring impact.
– Maria Takolander

In these spare, rich poems on Ireland’s peat bogs and hoards, Tracy Ryan meditates on place and the past, language and silence, treasure and nothingness; she renews our language for these things. Hoard is a sensuous and haunting collection.
– Lisa Gorton


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