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Marion May Campbell, third body
Third Body Cover high resFull-length collection (103 pp.)

Witty yet serious, ironic yet warm, these brilliant poems are partial to the rogue apostrophe, the em dash strange birds may alight on, bodies that merge across permeable boundaries – human, animal, vegetable, topographical.
– Tracy Ryan

Intelligent and erudite, complex and inventive – Marion May Campbell’s poetry sticks indelibly in your memory, ‘a demon with
antennae of fire’.

– Justin Clemens


Diane Fahey, November Journal

November Journal LOW RESFull-length collection (51 pp.)

November Journal is a fine extension of Diane Fahey’s oeuvre: her jewel-like images, sparkling moments and salient surprises pack the austere tanka form with vibrant life.
– Jan Owen

These poems abound with a spirited celebration of the environment and of the artist at play. They are glimpses of the wondrous, and of the unquiet of the place, gracefully pivoting between contemplation and humour.
– Michelle Borzi


Eddie Paterson, redactor

Full-length collection (118 pp.)

Eddie Paterson has found [poems] among all of today’s pirate diseases, frogducks and vanilla slices, all of the yahoo googles and tweeting ghosts that haunt the chattering theme park in which we spend
our time.

– Jill Jones

… funny, found love-letter poems that ditch poetic chaff for spammy fragments, factoids and figures in a parody of our bureaucratic and post-digital existence.
– Toby Fitch

Meteorites by Carmen Leigh Keates
meteorites-cover-low-resFull-length collection (48 pp.) by winner of 2015 Whitmore Press Manuscript Prize.

These are wise, strange and luminous poems … Carmen Leigh Keates draws a collection so full of ice and light, so distinctive, that it makes you want to follow wherever she goes.
– Michelle Dicinoski

Whether drawing on film, family history, or travel, Keates’s debut collection beautifully illustrates … how the precarious things of the world endure.
– David McCooey


Breaking the Days by Jill Jones
Jill Jones Breaking the Days high res
Full-length collection (57 pp.) by co-winner of 2014 Whitmore Press Manuscript Prize.

Breaking the Days is a powerful book where Jill Jones ranges across time, light and language. The wonderful poems echo
in the mind.

– Robert Adamson

With energy and humour, these poems are a single life against the cosmos – inhaling love, insects, streets, beauty – inventing
momentary ‘coherence’.
– Bonny Cassidy


Hoard by Tracy Ryan
Hoard hi res
Full-length collection (49 pp.) by co-winner of 2014 Whitmore Press Manuscript Prize.

Ryan is a poet of searching intelligence and enduring impact.
– Maria Takolander

In these spare, rich poems on Ireland’s peat bogs and hoards, Tracy Ryan meditates on place and the past, language and silence, treasure and nothingness; she renews our language for these things. Hoard is a sensuous and haunting collection.
– Lisa Gorton


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